2017 in Review

At the end of each year (and the beginning of each new one), I like to spend some time reflecting on highs and lows from the past 12 months. As with any year, there were some big ups and downs, but overall, I can say I’m in a much better place having been through the year.

This year, I…

Learned to love staying in. As an introvert, I’ve always needed space and time alone to maintain my sanity. In 2017 I started to fully embrace that. I still meet up with my friends regularly for dinner, outings in the city, or for workout classes. But the difference now is I don’t feel guilty about taking a weekend off and just relaxing by myself. This is likely a result of me settling into who I am and being very ok with having a small (but treasured) circle of friends.

Started a new job! This is one of the big ones. After working in media/advertising agencies since graduating from college, I had been hoping to switch things up and move to an in-house role. 10 months into my new job and overall, I’m very happy. The work-life balance is great, my coworkers are awesome, and the work is interesting and creative.

Took a big interest in photography. One of the best things that has come out of my new job is my newest interest: photography. After photographing a work event, I took an intro to DSLR photography class and was immediately hooked. I’m looking forward to having more fun taking photos and learning as much as I can in 2018.

Became an expert at the art of packing with just a carry-on. 2017 was a year with lots of air travel. I took lots of personal trips, flying to San Francisco for a baby shower, to two weddings (one in Mexico!), a few trips to Florida, and one work trip to Arizona. Save for one trip, I packed my belongings for each in just a carry-on suitcase. As a notorious over-packer, it took discipline and dedication to get my items down to the bare essentials, but I’m never going back to checking luggage. There’s nothing like breezing through TSA, onto the plane, and off to your destination.

Took some fun weekend trips. These have definitely slowed down as the weather has gotten colder, but when the weather was nice in the spring/summer, I was able to make a dent in my bucket list of local spots to see. I took my first trip to Rock Creek Park, hiked Sugarloaf Mountain, visited Harper’s Ferry, and spent a weekend in Hershey Park, PA. We’re so lucky in D.C. to have so much to do nearby, so hopefully these weekend trips are a trend that will continue into 2018.

Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year!